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California LAW presents a number of awards that honor those that are champions in advancing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion within the law field. By recognizing these diversity and inclusion champions, California LAW hopes to inspire others to engage in activities that will promote diversity and inclusion. Learn more about our current awards.

Education Pipeline Award

The Education Pipeline Award was established in 2008 by the State Bar of California to recognize the outstanding efforts of law-related educational programs that train and support students to become interested in the judicial system and careers in the law. As of 2019, this award has been presented by California LAW Pathways.

Ruthe Catolico Ashley Scholarship Award

The Ruthe Catolico Ashley Pathway to Law Scholarship, first presented in 2017, assists aspiring lawyers in their educational pursuits. Each year, one high school law academy student and one community college law pathway student receives a $1000 scholarship at the college of their choice in their journey towards a law degree.

Diversity Champion Award

The Diversity Champion Award was established in 2016 by the California LAW Pathways Board of Directors to recognize and award outstanding organizations for their efforts in supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the law field.