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Ruthe Catolico Ashley Scholarship Award

The Ruthe Catolico Ashley Pathway to Law Scholarship, first presented in 2017, assists aspiring lawyers in their educational pursuits. Each year, one high school law academy student and one community college law pathway student receives a $1000 scholarship at the college of their choice in their journey towards a law degree.

Eligibility and Award Criteria

Students are nominated by their law teacher/professor based on their scholarship, participation, goals to give back to their community in the area of law, and financial need.

2022 DEADLINE: January 10, 2022

Past Recipients


Trinity A. Watson, McClatchy High School, Sacramento ($1000)

Valeria Coronado, ELAC/UCLA, Los Angeles ($1000) Sponsored by Fastcase

Mario A. Verdiguel, LA Mission/CSUNorthridge, Los Angeles ($1000) Sponsored by Law School Admission Council

Laiza Chavez, Florin High School, Elk Grove ($300 NCLA Virtual)

Monica Murga, Crawford High School ($300 NCLA Virtual)


Asia Thompson, DeAnza High School (2014), UC San Diego (2018), UCLA School of Law (2021) Sponsored by FastCase

Ariadne Ruby Hernandez, Bullard High School Law Academy, Fresno ($1000)

Preatty Gates, Luther Burbank High School Law Academy (NCLA $1800)


Shvata Malhotra,, UC Davis, Davis, CA ($1000), LSAT exam

Jennifer Bonilla, Santa Ana High School Law Academy, Santa Ana, CA ($1000)

Lia Mimun, El Dorado High School Law Academy (NCLA $1800)


Arabella Compton, Jesse Bethel Law Academy in Vallejo, California, is a freshman at UC Santa Barbara. ($1000)

Joaquin E. Diaz De Leon is in his last year in the Law Pathway at Delta College in Stockton, CA. ($1000)

Taunu’uimatavai Vitale, Cabrillo High School, Long Beach (NCLA $1600)


Hennah Vohra, DeAnza High School Law Academy in Richmond, California, is a sophomore at Middlebury College in Vermont. ($1000)

Aneth Flores-Gonzalez, Southwestern College in San Diego, California, is a senior at University of California in Berkeley, CA. ($1000)