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October 11, 2023 | 1-2 pm

The New Era of Race-Conscious Admissions


Earlier this year, the United States Supreme Court decided hotly-contested litigation on the constitutionality of the use of Affirmative Action in higher education admissions. This decision will change the landscape but not the opportunity for students of color if they understand the ramifications and how to navigate the new reality.

Our panel will discuss how the recent decision will impact race and diversity issues in the higher education admission applications and provide valuable and practical guidance for how students should approach the application process to make the best case they can for admission to higher education institutions.

Cheryl Amana Burris, Retired Professor, North Carolina Central University School of Law

Kristen Mercado, Assistant Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid, UC Davis School of Law

AJ Howell-Williams, Director of Transfer, Athletic, and International Admissions, Santa Clara University

Dr. Kenneth Chaiprasert, Coordinator Pathway to Law School Program, East Los Angeles College